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Woodburn Landscapes Overseeding

Do you have bare or thin spots on your lawn? Is your lawn less vibrant, with lackluster grass that is a light shade of green, or even yellow or brown in places? Lawns need nutrients to thrive and a wide variety of issues can lead to thinner grass on your lawn. To revive your lawn in the Atlanta area and bring it back to a thick, vibrant green carpet, you may want to consider both top dressing and overseeding. At Woodburn Landscapes, we can analyze your lawn and determine the best landscaping services to bring it back to health, including using overseeding and top dressing.

Overseeding is simply spreading new grass over your lawn to fill in those thinner areas or bare patches. It is common for grass to become thinner with age, and it does not always rejuvenate new blades on its own. Sprinkling seed over your entire lawn can make a difference in the thickness and bring it back to its youthful glory. However, it is important to prepare your lawn for the seeds to ensure they take hold and flourish with new grass for your lawn. Top dressing before overseeding is beneficial to give your lawn the nutrients it needs to grow the new seeds and feed the existing grass.

Top Dressing for Lawns

Any lawn can benefit from top dressing once a year. Top dressing involved adding a light layer of compost, topsoil, sand or a combination of organic materials over a lawn. This adds nutrients to the soil to help nourish the grass for better health and appearance. Top dressing before overseeding adds loose soil and nutrients for the grass seed to improve the percent of seeds that sprout.

If you want to enhance your thin or struggling lawn in the Atlanta area, call us at Woodburn Landscapes. Our landscaping and lawn care crews can perform top dressing, overseeding or both to revive your lawn back to optimum health. Contact our office in Sandy Springs to schedule your service.

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Our Client Reviews

Atlanta Landscaper - Top Client Rated 2023 badge
Max and his crew do great work, they’ve been servicing my property for awhile now. All of the guys on his crew are friendly and really pay close attention to the needs of my lawn. They take care of it like it is their own yard! Looking forward to many more years of quality service. I’d recommend Woodburn Landscaping to everyone!
Ann G.
Max is passionate, knowledgeable, thorough, and attentive. He knows what he is talking about, listens to your personal needs and wants, and cares for your lawn as if it were his own. His team will not disappoint and I could not recommend any more
Alex M.
Max, the owner, has helped me out tremendously. I have never met anyone more dedicated to providing a quality service. Highly recommend this company.
Chase M.

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