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Woodburn Landscapes Erosion Control

Heavy rain, wind and normal water run-off can cause erosion on your property. Not only can losing topsoil impact your plants, lawn and landscaping, but it can also cause mudslides and impact the environment. If you have areas on your property that are susceptible to erosion, there are solutions. Woodburn Landscapes offers erosion control services to protect your property in the greater Atlanta and Sandy Springs area.

Erosion is a natural occurrence when water washes away the top layer of soil. Unfortunately, this can severely damage your property, especially your landscaping. Slopes and hills are the most susceptible to erosion due to the incline, but any area can sustain topsoil loss. You may notice puddles forming in areas, small mudslides on slopes or exposed roots on trees or shrubs. At Woodburn Landscapes, we can offer solutions for erosion control to protect your yard and outdoor spaces.

Solutions to Stop Erosion

There are many different options for controlling erosion. Our experienced landscape experts can evaluate your property and determine what is causing erosion and the best options to stop soil loss. Proper drainage is important – if too much water is accumulating on your property, it can cause erosion. We can install drainage solutions, like French drains, to direct water runoff away from landscaped areas. Other possible erosion control services include:

  • Planting ground cover
  • Adding plants, shrubs and trees to build a root system
  • Retaining walls for slopes or hills
  • Swales, culverts and water collection devices

There are ways to control erosion and protect your property. If you have a hillside that is losing its topsoil or eroding soil in your yard, contact our team at Woodburn Landscapes today to schedule an erosion control evaluation. We offer erosion control solutions for our clients in Atlanta, Sandy Springs and the surrounding communities.

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I must share my positive news about Woodburn Landscapes! Max and his team are simply amazing - they are professional, friendly, do an incredible job, are super efficient and are an excellent value for the service they provide. If you want a lawn service provider who will treat your yard like it is their own - and at a very competitive price, you want to call Max and Woodburn Landscapes at your next opportunity! I highly recommend them!
Mary W.
Max is passionate, knowledgeable, thorough, and attentive. He knows what he is talking about, listens to your personal needs and wants, and cares for your lawn as if it were his own. His team will not disappoint and I could not recommend any more
Alex M.
This has been our first year with Woodburn Landscaping and I have been very satisfied. All looks great after they finish.
Howard A.

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