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Top Reasons to Mulch Atlanta, GA
Seasonal flowers and plants installed in the front yard by Woodburn Landscapes professionals.

It is hard to find a landscape that doesn’t benefit from mulch. Whether you choose pine straw or bark, mulch can add aesthetic, functional and health benefits to your outdoor space. While inorganic mulch does bring a variety of perks to your landscape, the organic varieties (such as wood chips, shredded hardwood, etc) offer the most comprehensive enrichment.

Beyond making your yard look more manicured and attractive, organic mulch also offers the following advantages:

  • Helps to reduce weed growth
  • Preserves soil moisture
  • Moderates soil temperatures during extreme outside temperatures
  • Helps prevent soil erosion
  • Reduces soil compaction
  • Lowers risk of plant/tree disease (keeps soil from splashing onto leaves)
  • Naturally breaks down and enriches the soil
  • Improves structure of clay soils
  • Keeps vegetable plants clean and off the ground

How an Expert Can Help

There is no cookie-cutter approach to mulching. In fact, it is important that you choose the best type of mulch, order the correct amount and lay it the right way. Factors that can impact your choice of mulch include cost, availability, ease of application and appearance (color/size/shape). At Woodburn Landscapes, we recommend clients select a mulch that is dense enough to inhibit weed growth but light enough to allow water and air to reach the soil.

Call our landscaping professionals in Atlanta today at let us help you choose the perfect mulch for your yard!

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Our Client Reviews

Atlanta Landscaper - Top Client Rated 2022 badge
I must share my positive news about Woodburn Landscapes! Max and his team are simply amazing - they are professional, friendly, do an incredible job, are super efficient and are an excellent value for the service they provide. If you want a lawn service provider who will treat your yard like it is their own - and at a very competitive price, you want to call Max and Woodburn Landscapes at your next opportunity! I highly recommend them!
Mary W.
I have used Woodburn Landscapes for at least 5 years and have been vary happy with their work. I used to do my own lawn maintenance, and am very picky about edging, mowing, and general appearance of my yard. Max Woodburn stepped in and had the same discerning eye and is very particular about how a lawn / landscape should be maintained. They are very knowledgeable about the type grass I have (Emerald Zoysia) and proper height to mow the lawn. I truly appreciate their consistency, and process, and highly recommend this Woodburn Landscapes!
Maria M.
Max is passionate, knowledgeable, thorough, and attentive. He knows what he is talking about, listens to your personal needs and wants, and cares for your lawn as if it were his own. His team will not disappoint and I could not recommend any more
Alex M.

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