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Reasons for a Lumpy Lawn Atlanta, GA
Well-cared backyard with a manicured lawn.

Does your lawn have dips, bumps and holes? Despite how green and thick your turf grows, an uneven lawn can be the reason you don’t use it. Not only can dips in your grass collect water and cause poor drainage, but they can also be a hazard for your children and pets. Fortunately, these lawn irregularities can be removed with proper leveling services.

What Causes Dips and Bumps?

There are many reasons why your lawn surface can become uneven. It is important to identify the culprit of your lumpy lawn so that you can implement the most effective and long-lasting solution. Consider the following when diagnosing the valleys and bumps across your landscape:

Mowing Habits. Are you mowing in the same pattern every time? This can lead to man-made dips in your lawn over time.

Natural Settling. Was your house and landscape recently built or developed? There may be a natural settling of an inch or more within the first few years.

Clay Soil and Uneven Thawing. If you have clay-heavy soil, it can freeze in the winter but thaw unevenly in the spring to create bumps and dips. Aeration can help your lawn regain a level surface in such cases.

Animals, Children and Pests. Your lawn mower is not the only way to cause man-made holes and lumps in your yard. Examine the way your pets and kids are using your lawn. Is your dog running in the same path along the fence to greet neighbors? Are your children setting up sprinklers or other lawn toys in one particular area each day? Even pests may find areas of your grass that they like to dig or borrow.

Professional Leveling for Your Lawn

At Woodburn Landscapes, we have the knowledge, skill and tools it takes to level your Georgia lawn, which can include simple topdressing application or more complex lawn leveling services. We will help to determine what is causing your uneven lawn and recommend a quick and budget-friendly solution. Our team members will also educate you on how you can prevent lumps in your yard in the future.

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Our Client Reviews

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Max and his crew do great work, they’ve been servicing my property for awhile now. All of the guys on his crew are friendly and really pay close attention to the needs of my lawn. They take care of it like it is their own yard! Looking forward to many more years of quality service. I’d recommend Woodburn Landscaping to everyone!
Ann G.
I have used Woodburn Landscapes for at least 5 years and have been vary happy with their work. I used to do my own lawn maintenance, and am very picky about edging, mowing, and general appearance of my yard. Max Woodburn stepped in and had the same discerning eye and is very particular about how a lawn / landscape should be maintained. They are very knowledgeable about the type grass I have (Emerald Zoysia) and proper height to mow the lawn. I truly appreciate their consistency, and process, and highly recommend this Woodburn Landscapes!
Maria M.
This has been our first year with Woodburn Landscaping and I have been very satisfied. All looks great after they finish.
Howard A.

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Well-cared backyard with a manicured lawn.
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