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Ready to Turf Your Backyard? Atlanta, GA
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Don’t have time to mow or maintain your lawn? Perhaps your grass struggles to grow in your outdoor space. Whether it is allergies, convenience or time, natural grass just isn’t for everyone. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have an attractive and usable lawn. At Woodburn Landscapes, we proudly offer artificial turf for clients who prefer it. Artificial turf isn’t just for football fields and putting greens. More and more homeowners are taking advantage of synthetic grass in their own yard.

The Benefits of Using Artificial Turf

While it does require a notable upfront investment, artificial turf can bring valued, long-lasting returns to your landscape appearance and family enjoyment.

  • Low maintenance: Artificial turf requires very little maintenance compared to natural grass. It doesn’t need to be mowed, watered, or fertilized, which saves time and money.
  • Long-lasting: Artificial turf is designed to last for many years and can withstand heavy foot traffic, extreme temperatures, and harsh weather conditions.
  • Conserves water: Since artificial turf doesn’t need to be watered, it can help conserve water resources, especially in areas that are prone to drought.
  • No pesticides or fertilizers: Artificial turf doesn’t require pesticides or fertilizers to maintain its appearance, which reduces exposure to harmful chemicals and helps protect the environment.
  • Safe for children and pets: Artificial turf is designed with safety in mind and is free of toxic chemicals and allergens that can harm children and pets.
  • Versatile: Artificial turf can be used in a variety of settings, including residential lawns, athletic fields, playgrounds, and commercial landscapes.
  • Aesthetically pleasing: Artificial turf looks and feels like natural grass, providing a beautiful and functional landscape that enhances the beauty of your property.

How We Prepare Your Yard for Artificial Turf

At Woodburn Landscapes, we can handle your artificial turf installation from start to finish. To ensure the success of your turf, there are special ways we will first prepare your yard before laying it down.

Preparing your yard for artificial turf will often involve the following steps:

  • Removing existing grass and debris: The first step is to remove any existing grass, weeds, rocks, or debris from the area where you plan to install the artificial turf.
  • Grading and leveling: Once the area is cleared, the next step is to grade and level the surface to ensure proper drainage and a smooth, even base for the turf. Installing a weed barrier: To prevent weeds from growing through the turf, we install a weed barrier over the graded area.
  • Adding a base layer: A base layer of crushed stone or gravel is added over the weed barrier to create a stable, permeable surface for the turf to rest on.
  • Adding an optional shock pad: If you plan to use the artificial turf for athletic purposes, it may be beneficial to add a shock pad layer beneath the turf to provide cushioning and reduce the risk of injury.
  • Laying and securing the turf: The final step is to lay the artificial turf over the base layer and secure it in place using turf stakes or adhesive.

To protect the longevity and performance of your artificial turf, we recommend hiring our professionals at Woodburn Landscapes for your installation. Please contact our lawn experts for more information about our artificial turf varieties and to learn the benefits that synthetic grass can bring to your outdoor space.

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I must share my positive news about Woodburn Landscapes! Max and his team are simply amazing - they are professional, friendly, do an incredible job, are super efficient and are an excellent value for the service they provide. If you want a lawn service provider who will treat your yard like it is their own - and at a very competitive price, you want to call Max and Woodburn Landscapes at your next opportunity! I highly recommend them!
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Max is passionate, knowledgeable, thorough, and attentive. He knows what he is talking about, listens to your personal needs and wants, and cares for your lawn as if it were his own. His team will not disappoint and I could not recommend any more
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Max, the owner, has helped me out tremendously. I have never met anyone more dedicated to providing a quality service. Highly recommend this company.
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